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Today is Fiesta in Santa Fe- A bit early.  Unfortunately we didn’t stick around for it this year.  Truly marks the end of summer.  


Fire Dancer in front of Zozobra (Old Man Gloom), Santa Fe Fiesta, New Mexico

Creator: New Mexico State Tourist Bureau
Date: 1955
Negative Number 177006

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Working in the Woods

Sitting at my desk this afternoon in Midtown, checking in for my flight to NM tomorrow, prepping my design notes on Hansel and Gretel, Getting a script together for my trip so I can cut A Midsummer Night’s Dream, talking to folks in the US, Sweden and Netherlands about drömseminarium, &, of course, I find myself in the wilderness.  Sitting at my desk, but in the wild.
Can’t help but think of Tomas.  
And then I found this.
"A Place in the Woods," by Tomas Tranströmer

On the way there a couple of startled wings fluttered, and that was all. One goes there alone. It is a lofty building made entirely of open spaces, a building which sways all the time, but is never able to fall. The sun, changed into a thousand suns, drifts in through the open slivers. And an inverse law of gravity takes hold in the play of light: this house floats anchored in the sky, and what falls falls upward. It makes you turn around. In the woods it is all right to grieve. It’s all right to see the old truths, which we usually keep packed away in the luggage. My roles down there in the deep places fly up, hang like dried skulls in an ancestor hut on a remote Melanesian island. A childlike light around the terrifying trophies. Woods are mild that way.


(trans. Robert Bly)

Just had to share.  

See you when I come out of the woods in a few weeks.

David O. Roberts sketch for the Dragonfly in Vixen this June.  Here is comes!

David O. Roberts Design for the Rooster for Vixen.   Starting Rehearsals next week!

A Practical Approach to Directing | f

Save the San Diego Orchestra f

Only 776 signatures left to get to the goal of 21k. Put this effort over the top today.


<i>A Spare Me</i> is Published f

A. Rey Pamatmat’s play A Spare Me is published. A great interview with Rey and some pics from the premiere we worked on together.

Pat Diamond Videos f

A New Vimeo channel I started with Dido and Dream Seminar clips.

dream seminar full promo f

Thrilled to be starting Design for this piece next week! 

Set  Henny Kjellberg

Costumes Tove Berglund

Video/ Projections S. Katy Tucker

Lighting Helena Kuukka

Shot and Edited by Brian Hedden Music by Ellen Lindquist

A.T. Jones and Sons costume company f

The first time I saw Jones was when I was staying with Greg Weddig on my first job in Baltimore. Those clowns in the window nearly scared me out of this life. That was almost 20 years ago. And before I met John Lehmeyer. SO great to have worked with them this last year! What a great spread!

Drama | f

Have had some inquiries about Summer Directing Programs.  This one is very good, if I say so myself!

Why Government Should Support The Arts | Cognoscenti f

Good perspective.

David O. Roberts design for the Vixen in the upcoming Cunning Little Vixen I’m doing at MSM SUmmer Voice Festival in June.

Evan Yionoulis leading her text master class at Yale Summer Conservatory for Actors.  2013
iPhone 5
Focal Length

Evan Yionoulis leading her text master class at Yale Summer Conservatory for Actors.  2013

6Evan Yionoulis, Yale Summer Conservatory for Actors, Yale Summer Sessions,